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[ Назад ]
These days we all are exposed to a continuous chain of adver¬tising messages. Sometimes advertising may be entertaining and sometimes it may disgust us. But does it really do anything to us? Can advertising be a positive force in society, or does it deserve to be avoided?
On the one hand, we cannot imagine our world without any advertising. It would be impossible to learn about new products, films or travel options. Besides, advertisements help people get the best value for their money as they have access to price informa¬tion, availability of products, and improvements being made. On the other hand, clever and informative advertisements help com¬panies sell their products and develop their business. Many TV companies also get most of their, money from advertising.
But it cannot be denied that advertising does have its draw-backs. Some advertisements show life unrealistically and give un-true information. In adverts all people seem to be happy consum¬ers, all kids seem to be healthy and well off. But this is not true at all. In addition, adverts do not talk about products defects. What is more, advertising increases prices for consumers and put pres¬sure on them making them buy things they don't need. I also think that we should not advertise alcoholic drinks and cigarettes as these products are really harmful.
In conclusion, I'd like to say advertising is very important in our society nowadays. We need advertising, but it needs to be done correctly. Otherwise it will mean annoying consumers and wasting money.


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