С2 Наука или поэзия. Что важнее

[ Назад ]
People often argue about the role of science and poetry in the development of our civilization. This question seems rather con-troversial as both of them contributed to our society and without them mankind seems impossible to exist.
As for me, I consider science to be of higher priority as it helps to make our lives more comfortable. Most of the things we use nowadays are the results of scientific research. What is more, due to the improvements in medical science many of incurable diseas¬es can now be cured and people live longer. However, the impor¬tance of science does not only derive from its use in technology or medicine. It is a vital tool in expanding our knowledge about the world and, consequently, about ourselves. Without science we are unable to reveal our past and to predict our future.
On the contrary, some people argue that poetry is more impor¬tant as it helps to tell good from evil and teaches us to be sympathetic and honest. They doubt the necessity of science blaming it for the ap¬pearance of chemical weapons and nuclear bombs. In my opinion, without mistakes, no development is possible, and the humanity has learned quite a lot from this sad experience. I am sure that science can be as rich a teacher as poetry although it differs in technique.
To sum up, I believe that science has been more beneficial to mankind. Nevertheless, we should not underestimate the impor-tance of poetry as it advances our understanding of beauty.


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