Мыльные (soap) оперы. За и против

[ Назад ]
Several years ago, nobody could have predicted that soap op¬eras would have taken over most of TV prime time. Yet there are quite a few people who consider watching soaps a complete waste of time.
As for me, I am not a die-hard fan analysing every episode but I certainly enjoy watching soaps. The prime reason is that they help me to release tension and to escape from the pressures of everyday life. Another thing that attracts me to soaps is the pres¬ence of suspense. They always keep me guessing about the characters and their fate and I want to know what is coming next and how it all ends up. Finally, watching soaps has become part of my daily routine and I always look forward to watching another epi¬sode.
Admittedly, there are people who dislike soaps claiming that they have boring scripts and unbelievable story lines. I do not think it is correct to blame soaps for being unrealistic. On the con¬trary, the reality of the problems portrayed in soaps make them so recognisable to the viewer. I also disagree that all soaps are boring and predictable as people involved in watching them are usually captivated by their story lines.
In conclusion, I want to stress that despite the criticisms we cannot escape from the fact that soap operas are one of the most popular genres on television. Whatever the reason for watching them, soaps possess an incredible magnetic attractiveness and power that must never be underestimated.


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