С2 Будущее. Больше плохо будет или хорошего. Ваше мнение

[ Назад ]
People have always been intrigued of what the future will look like. That is why there are a lot of futuristic books and films, both optimistic and pessimistic. But what does the real future holds for us? Will life in the future be better, worse or the same as now?
As for me, I am optimistic about the future. We have already seen major technological advances over the last fifty years and the next fifty years are going to be equally exciting. For example, in fifty years' time scientists will have created robots that will be do¬ing all dangerous and difficult jobs. In addition, medicine tech¬nology will have conquered many diseases including AIDS and cancer. As for entertainment, I believe we will get it from the In-ternet and television will probably disappear.
However, some people feel pessimistic about our future. They worry about the activity of terrorists and the possibility of nuclear wars. Another problem is our environment, which is in a sorry state. I am sure that people will be able control their weapons be¬cause everybody understands what disastrous consequences nuclear wars may have. We will also take care of our environment and in the future people will drive petrol-free cars, drink purified water and recycle their rubbish.
To sum up, I believe that we will finally solve all our problems and will live happily. History shows that people can make the right choices. That's a good reason to be optimistic about science and humanity.


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