#The stereotypes of the British people.

[ Назад ]
The British, like the people of every country, tend to be attributed with certain characteristics which are supposedly typical. One example of this is a popular belief that Britain is a “land of tradition”. And at the level of public life it’s undoubtedly true. The annual ceremony of the state opening of Parliament, the changing of the guard carefully follow customs which are centuries old. However, in their private everyday lives the British as individuals are less inclined to follow traditions. There are very few ancient customs that are followed by the majority of families. For them it is more prestige to live in an old house, than in a new one; their Christmas cards usually depict scenes from past centuries; they like their pubs to look old. The British can be particularly conservative. It’s difficult to imagine that they will ever agree to change to driving on the right. They are rather proud of being different. Another stereotype is that the British are rather formal in their general behavior. This is not true. Lots of men who wear suits during the week can then be seen in old sweaters and jeans. Food and drink provide other examples. The traditional “British” breakfast is a large “fry-up” preceded by cereal with milk and followed by toast, butter and marmalade, all washed down with lots of tea.


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