#Look deeper at a person.

[ Назад ]
We all know that appearances are really deceptive and it is better not to judge people only according to the way they look. But, however when we meet people for the first time we generally pay attention at their appearance, clothes and face at first. And in fact it is quite right, because we can learn some information about the person based on his physical appearance and that can help us to understand this very person better in future. Probably that’s why it becomes more and more popular to learn and analyze peoples’ faces. There is even a science physiognomy (face reading) that is to say the art of judging human character by facial features.
People with round faces are emotional,sensitive and caring. people with Square shaped faces are intelligent, analytical and decisive mind. Eyes (The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul), lips (attest to your sensuality, communication, love and how you express yourself). There was an experiment when face readers tried to discover the inner world of Mona Lisa, who is really famous with her enigmatic, sinister and slightly crooked smile.


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