[ Назад ]
Modern pace of life is tremendously fast and requires a person to be in good physical and spiritual health. If you don't want to be an outsider, you'll have to keep up with others.
There have always been stereotypes about old people. Nowadays they are no longer passive victims ,but they can go on safari or climbing mountains, complete Open University degrees.
On the one hand the new image seem refreshing and liberating. But on the other hand, this image of the "young old" is only a new stereotype. Ageing has become a social crime. Those who had emotionally harder lives, who brought up kids alone, those who didn't include elastic skin, don't look like these "young old". But they shouldn't be punished for it. We have reached such a pitch that instead of admiring and learning from those who feel they've had enough and are ready to die, we're forever trying to jolly them up and yank them back to life.
In my opinion the statement “You are only as old as you feel” is quite true. I think that a person shouldn’t be in conflict with his age, because the process of getting older is inevitable.


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