#Adoption of children.

[ Назад ]
Adoption of children is a very tricky question for many people. Some people go through long procedures and finally have their adopted child and some people can’t even think about adopting a child.
Some of them just can’t have kids because of health troubles. There are people whose motivation to adopt isn't because they can't have kids. They realize they have a lot to give a child with special needs. But it is not easy at all to adopt a child. Despite flexible rules many children still stay in care and a large number of couples search for a child abroad. But what is the cut off point for suitable parents? You can adopt if you are over 21, in good health and have the energy to care for children. It doesn't matter whether you are single, married or living together. Besides you can adopt whether you own your own home or are renting accommodation. Most couples who think of adoption hope for a young baby. But find prospective parents who want an older child much more harder . And, unfortunately, it is often the most needy children who are not adopted: for example who have special needs. So, if one wants to adopt, he should go through an agency. Then medical, family and police checks ,If you are approved for adoption you'll have to live with this child for 13 weeks. When the adoption order has been passed in court, the child will legally become yours.


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