#Single-parent families.

[ Назад ]
No doubt it's not an easy task to bring up a child, to give him a rounded upbringing, but it's twice as difficult to do it, when one is a single parent. Some think that a single parent can't bring up children as well as a couple. A child is considered to feel better off in a two-parent family where he is treated fairly, gets a rounded upbringing and proper discipline. Alongside with this there may exist the following problem: sometimes lack of affordable childcare keeps single parents in the poverty trap, and in a two-parent family a child can feel financial security. Besides, a child in a single-parent family is considered to miss out parent's attention and care. And on the whole many people thought that kids go off the track more often than children from a full family, to be influenced into short crime stuff, to be on drugs, to commit a crime....But there are people who have been brought up by a single parent and they are doing really well. Besides sometimes it's even better to stay with one parent only, for example in the case when children witness lots of rows and fights between Mum and Dad.


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