#Modern family values.

[ Назад ]
A lot of things in this world can change us but we start & end with the family. More than any other force, it shapes our attitudes, our hopes, our ambitions & and our values. Few can doubt that our modern family unit is in a state of crisis. When I thing about a typical traditional family, I imagine an extended family with children, the father is the only bread-winner while the mother’s duty is to take care of children & keep the house. This family is noted for stability, devotion & even self-denial, high moral standards. In comparison with a traditional family, a modern family is associated with a nuclear family. Besides, gender roles isn’t fixed anymore. Usually both parents work, thus they don’t spend much time with their children. This actually leads to a great number of “latch-key children”, who constantly left at home without required parental care. Modern families faced with the problem of frequent divorces. Parents can split up easily just because they lack understanding & tolerance. However, those who really suffer in this case are children. It’s a deep emotional trauma for them. What is more, we can see such deviations as homosexual marriages, group marriages, communal living arrangements & swingers’ group.In my view, it’s important to strengthen traditional families. It’s necessary to put the traditional family into the center of social policy.


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