#the complex sentence. Adverbial clauses

[ Назад ]
A complex sentence has two or more clauses, at least one of which is subordinate to a principal clause. Adverbial clauses are usually classified according to their meaning. They differ from nominal and attributive clauses in that they are introduced by conjunctions with more distinctive meaning. An adverbial clause of:
 Place defines the place or the direction of the action expressed in the principal clause (where, wherever, everywhere).
 Timecharacterizes the action expressed in the main clause from the temporal point view (as, as soon as, as long as, when, whenever, while, until, after, before, since).
 Manner characterizes actions, stated, qualities, circumstances (as, the way, in a way).
 Comparison characterizes the action expressed by the predicate in the main clause by comparing it with some real or hypothetical circumstances or action (as, like, as if, as though, than, as-as, so-as, aw you know, as we agreed).
 Condition contains some condition which makes the action in the main clause possible (if, unless, once, in case, provided).
 Concession contrasts with the content of the main clause: the action or fact described in the main clause is carried out or takes place despite the action or state expressed in the subordinate clause (although, though, no matter how, even if).
 Purpose expresses the purpose of the action which is started in the principal clause (that, so that, so, lest, in order that, for fear that).
 Cause expresses the reason, cause, motivation of the action expressed in the main claise or of its content as a whole (as, because, since, for the reason that).
 Result denotes some consequences or result of the action expressed in the main clause (so that, that, so/such+adj+that).


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