#Predicative complexes which can be any part of the sentence.

[ Назад ]
The For-to-Infinitive Constructions
is a predicative constr. in which the nominal is introduced by the preposition FOR, while the predicate part is an infinitive with the particle TO. The construction functions as:
1)Subject- it usually follows introductory IT and is very seldom placed before the predicate ( It was practically impossible for them to meet anyboy)
2) Predicative- the usual link-verb is TO BE (That is not for me to decide.)
3)Attribute- it modifies nouns or indefinite and universal pronouns (She gave orders for everyone to stop packing.)
4)Object- the construction can be used as an indirect non-recipient object of certain verbs (to ask,to watch) and adjectives (anxious, eager, impatient, sorry, willing) ( I watched for him to appear through the bushes.)
5)Adverbial modifier:
a)of consequence (The chance was too good for Jack to miss it.)
b)of purpose ( I rang for you to show the lady out.)

The Gerundial Predicative Construction
is a predicative constr. in which the nominal part is generally a noun/noun-pronoun in the possessive case or a possessive pronoun in the common case or a personal pronoun in the objective case. The construction may be
1)Subject- is used either with or without introductory IT (Your doing nothing won't help anybody.)
2)Predicative- (The only way out will be his taking the job.)
3)Adv.modifier- is always introduced by a prepositions:
of time(After his being away for some time the crisis came.)
of concession ( In spite of its being cold the bushes swarmed with insects.)
of attendant circumstances ( The car slid away without my having to say anything.)
4)Attribute- is generally used with the preposition OF, although other prepositions are possible
(The prospect of smo else getting a job moved them to strong moral indignation.)
5)Object- the construction may be either direct object to a verb or an indirect non-recipient object to a verb or adjective (She liked his worrying about his wife.)


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