#Prepositive noun modifiers. Adjectives as noun modifiers. Order of noun modifiers.

[ Назад ]
1. Adjectives in the superlative degree.(the def).
Most in the meaning of very, exceedingly – the indefart(a most clever man). When definite people or things are meant – the def art and most is followed by the preposition of (most of the gentlemen looked angry). When do not mean definite people – most (most people hold the same opinion as you do). A best suit (a second-best suit) a best-seller - set phrases.
2. Ordinal numerals.
The def art (the first). With meaning of “one more, another” – the indef art (two people would have told the chair, and a third would help him up on it). Nouns modified by cardinal numerals – without art (there were four tables). The defmay be used if a noun modified by the context or situation.
3. Limiting adjectives and same
Limiting adjectives and same restrict the reference of the noun (the main reason, the only occasion, the same student). Here also belong: central, principal, coming, former, next, so-called, wrong(I thought I had come into the wrong house) an only child. Next and last in time expressions – without articles (next week, last month). When time is meant is future in relation to the time mentioned or implied, the patter the + next + noun.
When a sg noun is modified by the noun other, the def art is used if there are only two objects ( he pulled on the other glove). A pl noun modified by other used with the def art if there is a definite number of objects divided into 2 def group (my mother needed me more than the other members of the family). Otherwise – no art
4. Attributive proper nouns.
Used as prepositive modifiers with the def art ( the Albert Hall). In possessive – no art
5. Nominal modifiers.
Concrete countable nouns in the common case can serve as premodifying attributes and the word modifiers – the def art (the colour purple be Alice Walker has won the Prize)
The usual order for the adjectives in a noun group:
1. Subjective judgment
2. Size
3. Shape
4. Age
5. Colour
6. Origin
7. Material
8. Part I/II
9. Purpose or type +noun


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